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Guardianship of minor children or elderly or disabled adults who can no longer care for themselves can be contentious matters. Parents may not want to relinquish custody of a child. An elderly person may be unable to accept that he or she is no longer capable of making sound decisions. An older child may not want to be separated from a parent.

Our Oregon law firm has the experience and the sensitivity to take on the difficult issues that come with guardianship contests. For more information about guardianships disputes, contact our Oregon guardianship lawyer, Suzanne J. Noland.

What Are Minor Guardianships?

A judge can appoint a guardian when parents cannot or will not take care of their minor children. For example, parents who are incarcerated, have become seriously ill or disabled, or who are abusive or inattentive to the basic needs of the child can be replaced by a guardian. A relative or close family friend may petition the court to become guardian of the children in such circumstances. Parents whose children are under guardianship may request that their situation be reviewed and the guardianship ended. Our lawyer has represented all sides of guardianships issues. We use our experience to obtain the best possible results under the circumstances, always keeping in mind the best interests of the child.

What Are Adult Guardianships?

The court may appoint a guardian for an elderly or incapacitated adult who is unable to manage daily living and financial tasks. The court may order temporary or limited guardianships based on the situation of the adult. Our Oregon guardianship attorney helps people on all sides of adult guardianship matters. We have represented seniors objecting to a guardianship, or family members trying to establish a guardianship.

Guardianships can be difficult for an elderly person. Because they involve issues of independence, financial security, and family conflicts, guardianship matters require an attorney with compassion and knowledge of the law in this area. Our attorney develops creative solutions whenever possible to meet the needs of the elderly adult, taking pains to preserve as much independence as possible.

If you believe that a child or an adult may need a guardian appointed, or if you want to contest a guardianship, contact our knowledgeable guardianship attorney, Suzanne J. Noland. Call our office at 503-228-7591 in Portland, Oregon, to learn how we can help.