Domestic Partnership Attorney in Oregon

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In Oregon, the Registered Domestic Partnership law affords gay and lesbian couples many of the rights and responsibilities of marriage granted by state law. However, domestic partnerships must be registered to receive the benefits automatically accorded to married couples. If you are considering obtaining a Registered Domestic Partnership in Oregon, protect yourself and your partner by consulting with an attorney first.

At the law offices of Suzanne J. Noland, we have been serving the diverse family law needs of Oregonians for 39 years. We have been strong advocates for the rights of all families, whether traditional or nontraditional, and are committed to protecting the best interests of our clients. Contact us online or call 503-228-7591 to learn more about our firm and how we can help you.

Components of a Domestic Partnership Agreement

Domestic partnership agreements for opposite sex or same sex couples can be complex. The presence of significant assets, children and ex-spouses and ex-partners complicate what could be a straightforward contract. Our Portland family law firm makes sure that domestic partnership agreements are complete, dealing with all matters that may arise during the relationship. We use our domestic partnership agreements to resolve questions related to:

  • Hospital access during illness
  • Paternity establishment
  • Enforcement of parenting rights
  • Powers of attorney and healthcare directives
  • Division of property in the event of dissolution
  • Health care benefits

Dissolution of a Domestic Partnership

The real test of a domestic partnership agreement is when the agreement is dissolved. A well-crafted agreement will define what happens in the event of dissolution, thus minimizing conflict and expense. However, if conflicts cannot be resolved, our Oregon family law lawyer has many years of experience advocating for clients during disputes related to the dissolution of a domestic partnership. If there are children, we make sure that any settlement agreement is in their best interests.

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If you are in an opposite-sex or same-sex relationship, consider executing a Domestic Partnership Agreement. Although domestic partnership is a new area for some family law attorneys, we have been helping gay and straight couples for many years. Contact us to consult with an experienced domestic partnership lawyer.