Oregon Divorce Lawyer

The decision to end a marriage is never an easy one. The investments involved in these relationships are financial and emotional, and sometimes a clean break is impossible. When you have made the decision to divorce your spouse, you need to consult with an experienced Portland divorce attorney.

Suzanne J. Noland, Attorney at Law, explains exactly what to expect in the divorce proceedings and how the process is handled at our law office. Our law firm represents our clients' best interests and those of their children. For more information about our attorney's approach to divorce matters, call 503-228-7591 or contact our Oregon divorce attorney online.

Representing Clients in Simple and Complex Divorce Cases

A divorce proceeding can be simple if both parties agree. However, divorce can be lengthy and contentious. Our attorney is well prepared to represent your best interests in all the disputes that can arise in a divorce. We help divorcing spouses resolve problems related to:

  • Property division
  • Alimony/spousal support, including transitional and rehabilitative support
  • Buyouts of spousal support/spousal maintenance

Creative, Not Adversarial

In addition to handling the divorce itself, we help clients with custody and parenting time plans, child support and modifications of judgments. We work to develop creative and ethical solutions. Both parties in the divorce appreciate our attorney's efforts to present creative win-win solutions that seek to resolve the issues efficiently rather than destroy the other spouse. In fact, we receive referrals from clients' ex-spouses who state that our attorney not only did excellent work for her client, but offered creative solutions that benefited both spouses.

We Make Sure Everyone Is Safe

During the initial consultation, we also determine whether immediate action is necessary. If needed, we will refer clients, and their children, to family therapy sessions. If there is drug abuse or domestic violence in the home, we ensure that you and the children are out of harm's way. Attorney Suzanne Noland has experience in obtaining or defending against domestic violence restraining orders.

Contact Our Divorce Lawyer Serving The Greater Portland Area

If you are thinking about a divorce or if your spouse has served you with papers, contact a sympathetic and ethical divorce lawyer with 39 years of experience. Call attorney Suzanne J. Noland at 503-228-7591 to learn how we can help.